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1st September 2020

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31st August 2020

Tracking Mailing Stats Delayed

Mailing stats of all the users are delayed because of the network connectivity incident that happened earlier (see previous incident). Because of the previous issue, all users' mailing stats data got stacked up waiting to be processed. We're still working on speeding up the process, and we'll post an update once we're able to solve the issue. Note: Email sending is working as normal. Only the stats that experiencing a delay.

  • We can confirm that our stats processing has been back to normal.

  • We've deployed a fix to our production system that should fix the issue with the stats delay, but the effectiveness is currently being monitored by our team. We'll post more updates once we're able to confirm that the issue has been solved.

  • Network Connectivity Issue

    Our hosting company, Digital Ocean, is currently experiencing a major upstream outage. This affects BirdSend stats reporting and general connectivity. However, the team from our hosting provider has identified the issue and working to fix it. We'll update the latest status here. Reference:

  • The network connectivity issue has been fixed by our hosting provider. All of BirdSend's services are running at normal speed, except for the mailing stats.

  • 30th August 2020

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    29th August 2020

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    28th August 2020

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    27th August 2020

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    26th August 2020

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